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Background Research Paper




1)                           After completing the “Background Research Plan” in which you developed a list of key terms and approximately six research questions related to your science fair project, you now will begin finding information to help answer those questions by following the suggestions at “Finding Information for Your Research Paper,”.


2)                           As you research, begin creating a “Bibliography”.


3)                           Make sure your final paper is typed double spaced, using 12 pt. font and includes the following:


·       Title page (with the title of your project, your name, and the date). Refer to your notes for the exact layout.

·       Your report with the following headings:


a)    Discuss what your project is and what problem or question you’re trying to solve or answer

b)   Discuss how you became interested in the project.


a)    Write about the history of similar experiments or inventions.


a)    List your keywords, number them and define each using complete sentences and cite where you got your information

b)   Each definition should be one to two sentences long.


a)    Write out each key question and number them.

b)   Answers should be between one and three paragraphs long and should be a thorough elaboration/discussion on the question.

c)    Cite the works used after each question using the format in the samples shown in the following link.


a)    Correctly reference all the works cited in your paper

b)   See the bibliography link for samples.


·       See Sample Format and notes for more information on the layout of your paper.

·       Page numbers (a table of contents is not needed)