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Bacteria Asexual Reproduction


Genetics Stuff:

Punnett Square Sample Problems Life Science

Punnett Square Sample Problems LS Honors

Cool Genetic Sites


Genetics Video Clips

DNA Wrapping forming Chromosomes

Proteins (Illustra Media) 0:25-4:30

Transcription & Translation (Illustra Media) 0:27-end

Specialized Protein Machines (Illustra Media) - 4:45-6:50

Translation & Transcription by DNAi DVD clips

Translation & Transcription (Koce)

Replication of DNA (DNAi)

DNA Transcription (i.e. transferring information from DNA to messenger RNA)



Earth/Life History

Japan 2011 Tsunami-very graphic (2:04)

Japan 2011 Tsunami-moving houses (2:44)

Japan 2011 Tsunami-most shocking (5:45)

Japan 2011 Tsunami-HD footage (5:39)




Cool Sites

Deep Field Images

Life on Earth #1

Carl Sagan Natural Selection